Jon is a gifted singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Performing solo, or with his band, he channels a spirit and soul that is both unique and 
familiar. His music and sound comes from the melting pot of American music, blending rootsy Rock, Blues, and Americana. 

Jon performs solo and as a member of several bands, most recently the Jon Harris Band and The Sundogs.  Jon has two releases as a solo artist, Last Days of Chattanooga and Scorpio. He is currently writing and recording material for an upcoming solo record. The work of love that became his EP Scorpio spotlights his thoughtful lyrics, instrumental versatility and style and included musical contributions from members of his other project The Sundogs. 

Jon was showcased at the 2020 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida. There he performed as both a solo artist and with The Sundogs. He showcased songs from his EP Scorpio along with new material in several songwriter rounds, with notable artists such as Randall Bramblett and Michael McDermott. 

When not performing, Jon works in the film industry. This has brought him unique opportunities to have his songs featured on television. His song “Left Handed Voodoo” from Last Days Of Chattanooga, was featured on the hit TV series The Originals, with Jon making a guest appearance on the show. 

Currently, Jon is hard at work writing and creating for both his solo and band projects. He looking forward to returning to a time of performing live music for people in crowded